AI-Powered Video Surveillance

When someone mentions a video surveillance system, what do you think of? Do you picture a bunch of boxes (analog cameras) connected to a bunch of wires? Yeah, that is what most people think of, and use in their company every day. Your company does not have to deal with that headache. There is another option! Traditional video surveillance systems are being replaced with a new solution, cloud-based surveillance. Cloud-based video surveillance offers a higher resolution, requires less wiring, doesn’t need a DVR, has automatic software updates, and can give access to all cameras on one screen.


Our cloud-based surveillance partner, Verkada, offers the best security video cameras for business and commercial installations. Verkada’s award-winning software modernizes & simplifies video security. Their feature-rich software enables users to efficiently search for specific video segments and uses artificial intelligence to identify faces, clothing, cars, and actions – without you pouring over hours of video.

One network cable.
No additional configurations. 
Quick searches.
Minutes to setup.
It’s as easy as that.

Camera Series Available

A glimpse into how it works

Try it out yourself with this public camera link

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