Managed IT Services

First, what is an MSP?

AMSP (Managed Service Provider) is essentially a service where a team is hired to operate and maintain a company’s network in exchange for a recurring fee. An MSP offers long term services that help with day-to-day issues surrounding hardware repairs, IT support, network maintenance/security, etc. You might be thinking that MSP’s only pertain to larger companies however, that isn’t the case. With technology advancing so rapidly, it is especially crucial for small-tomedium businesses to be able to rely on a highly experienced team to protect their information with extensive security measures. 

Our take on a Managed IT Service is...

Agility 365 is a suite of products, services, and support, built on the Microsoft 365 and Azure platforms. It is custom curated to the unique needs of your organization. It is your IT Operations Team, Technical Support Team, Business Process Automation Team, and Cyber Security Team all in one! 

What are the biggest benefits of Managed IT?

1. IT Costs

With managed IT, fixed IT costs become variable IT costs. Today’s managed IT is consumption based – you only pay for what you use! As your company grows and retracts, your IT spend adjusts accordingly. You will always know your IT spend, usually just based on your headcount. 

2. Focus on your Core Business

It takes time and costs money to find, hire, and train an IT team. Partnering with a managed IT partner relieves you of this and allows you to focus your human resources on growing your core business. 

3. Expertise

A managed IT partner will have more experience and knowledge from the various of different businesses they work with. Partnerships they have with IT and software vendors gives them access to the latest support and resources that an in-house IT team won’t have. Additionally, a managed IT provider will have technology experts from many fields, experiences, and educational backgrounds that bring a deep level of expertise. Finally, managed IT companies require their technicians to be certified in the latest technologies. 

4. Faster Response Time

A seasoned managed IT provider will typically have the people and resources to run a 24/7/365 operation. They will have the means of providing an enterprise level support and ticketing system with accountability, SLAs, and metrics. They will also have the resources to provide proactive monitoring and alerting problems before they become business affecting. Many small businesses can’t match the in-house support of larger companies. Additionally, a managed IT company will already have the resources to adopt new technologies, relieving your firm of hiring and training the right people to implement your latest project. 

5. Compliance and Security

If your company is required to be HIPAA or SOC compliant, a managed IT company can assist you in meeting those regulatory standardsSecurity is often the biggest concern for companies, and a dedicated IT partner will be better able to manage your threats from phishing, spoofs, and malicious emails. An IT partner will also have the latest technology for Data Loss Prevention and have the resources to be proactive in blocking or alerting to data loss. 

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