Cloud-based Access Control Systems

People have been using traditional access control systems for decades now and are still using them to this day. Most companies still use them because that is what they are used to and don’t feel the need to change it up to a cloud-based access control system. Unfortunately, there are a lot of security issues that come along with traditional access control systems that companies don’t know about. That is why companies need to switch over to a cloud-based access control system. This new type of system can make installing and managing an access control system much simpler and safer for companies.

Cloud-based Access Control

Connected through the internet using wireless mobile and/or wired protocols.

Up front predictable costs and no additional hardware/infrastructure costs.

Data is stored on a secure remote server in the cloud that can only be accessed by specific managers/employees.

This system is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device! There is also real-time system management & updates.

On-premise Access Control

Servers that are installed directly on the premises.

High infrastructure costs for hardware and local servers.

Depends on the security the end user can provide on the premises.

Can only be accessed on the premises.

ProdataKey (PDK)

Our partner, ProdataKey (PDK), offers state of the art cloud-based access control, anytime, anywhere, on any device, AND without the need for a VPN or an on-premises server. Unlock any door with your phone, and manage users, locks, and schedules all from a single app – no keycard required. Also, PDK integrates with your existing  Microsoft Active Directory users and groups, for easy management of who has access where. PDK has detailed and comprehensible reporting so you know where and when people have been. We both believe that access control systems should be simple and mobile for all end-users.

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

The platform is a true anytime, anywhere, on any device solution. The touch mobile app gives end users the ability to use a smart device to remotely access any door through the platform.

Touch-less Readers

There are many readers to choose from but a customer favorite is the Bluetooth reader. Not only does it use mobile devices for an easier credential, but even lets end users leave their device in their pocket for a no-touch entry.

Modern and Durable Door Controllers

Our wide range of cloud-based door controllers gives end users the confidence that their building’s gateways are fully protected. Whether you need a weatherproof stainless steel controller or one that is enclosed for a garage, we have got you covered. 


There are plenty of credential options for end users to use. You can choose from a printable/clamshell card, use your mobile device, wear a wristband, carry a key/leather fob, or even use a sticker!


Our surveillance solution partner, Verkada, also just came out with their own cloud-based access control system that can smoothly integrate with their powerful cloud-based video security system.

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